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Niagara Falls Public Library

Spooky Board Games

It’s Spooky Season, the perfect time to curl up with a scary read or watch a scary movie through your fingers. Some of us want to get into the spooky season but most options might be too scary for us! How about playing a ‘spooky’ themed board game instead? From identifying a werewolf among you to trying to survive a psycho killer there is something for everyone.

Board games can be checked out for 3 weeks and we have more than just spooky ones! Check out a full list here: nfpl.info/BoardGames

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee there won't be any ‘Jumanji-like’ experiences with these games…

Betrayal at House on the Hill (Borrow)
Explore a haunted house as a team… until one of you turns against the rest.
Players: 3-6. Ages: 12+. Length: 60 min.

Arkham Horror (Borrow)
A role-playing card game where you investigate the horrors of Arkham while courting cosmic doom.
Players: 1-4. Ages: 14+. Length: 60 - 120 min.

Ghost Blitz (Borrow) and Ghost Blitz 2 (Borrow)
Quickly identify and grab hold of the correct item in a cluttered spooky basement.
Players: 2-8. Ages: 8+. Length: 20 min.

Werewords (Borrow)
20 questions with a twist … a time limit and a sneaky werewolf who knows the answer!
Players: 4-10. Ages: 8+. Length: 10 min.

The Legend of the Wendigo (Borrow)
The Junior Chipmunk Scouts must identify the Wendigo spirit hiding in their midst.
Players: 2-6. Ages: 6+. Length: 10 min.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf (Borrow)
Each player plays a role from a seer to a troublemaker, each with a special ability. Your task is to find out who the werewolf is.
Players: 3-10. Ages: 8+. Length: 10 min.

Gloom (Borrow)
Use transparent cards to tell tragic tales of misery and misfortune. You do not want your characters to have good things happen to them!
Players: 2-5. Ages: 13+. Length: 60 min.

Psycho Killer (Borrow)
Psycho Killer satirises your favourite retro horror and slasher films. Use every cliche in the book to screw over your friends and survive the Psycho Killer!
Players: 2-6. Ages: 13+. Length: 15 - 30 min.