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Niagara Falls Public Library

Summer Reading Club FAQ

How do you join?

Come into any library location beginning on Saturday, June 24 and staff will register you for the program! Sign up at any location throughout the summer or at any of our parks and pools visits when we begin those in July.

When does registration begin?

All of our Summer Reading Clubs will officially begin on Saturday, June 24th - Get Your Summer Read On Day! Learn more about that day’s programs here: nfpl.info/SummerReadOnDay

How does it work?

As soon as you’re registered for the club, start reading! Visit the library or select parks and pools beginning in July to report your reading minutes, get beads, and share what you’ve been reading. Keep track of your reading until the final day of the program: Saturday, August 26.

What can I read?

Anything you want and in any format you want - hardcover books, paperback books, eBooks, audiobooks - there are so many options! Choose whichever format and language works for you and read whatever interests you. Having someone read to you can also count!

Who can join?

We welcome ALL children, teens, families, and adults to take part.

Are beads back?

YES! Beads are back again this year. Readers up to age 13 will track their reading and visit the library to get their beads. You earn 1 bead point for every 20 minutes of reading. You can get 1 bead for every point OR you can save up your points and get special beads. It’s up to you!

The beads we have this year are:

  • Multicoloured Bead = 1 point

  • Pearl Bead = 2 points

  • Glow in the Dark Bead = 3 points

  • Sparkle Bead = 4 points

  • Metallic Bead = 5 points

  • Star Power Bead = 6 points

There will be an extra special bead available once parents/caregivers and kids fill out the Summer Reading Survey. More details about the surveys will be shared later in the summer.

Can we share what we’ve been reading?

Absolutely! When you visit the library, you can fill out a piece of paper with the title of the book you’ve read and it will be added to a paper chain that will grow (and grow and grow!) over the course of the summer.

Are there prizes this year?

Any child (up to age 12) who reads at least 10 hours and any teenager or adult (13+) who reads at least 15 hours by the end of the summer will have the chance to win a prize. All reading minutes must be logged at the library to qualify for the prize.

I've heard something about a trophy?

We launched the “Readers Cup” last year and are so excited to bring it back this summer! The Niagara Falls school whose students read the most minutes over the course of the Summer Reading Club will win the Readers Cup. Library staff will present it to the school at an assembly in the fall and the school will keep it for display until the following summer. Congratulations to the students at John Marshall Elementary School who won in 2022!