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Ghost of Drummond Hill Cemetry

The Drummond Hill Cemetery is situated on the south side of Lundy’s Lane atop Drummond Hill between Portage Road and Drummond Road. The oldest gravestone in the cemetery is dated 1797. The first Drummond Hill Presbyterian Church, a log structure located beside the cemetery, was destroyed during the Battle of Lundy’s Lane (25 July 1814). Considered one of the bloodiest clashes of the War of 1812, the Battle of Lundy’s Lane took place on and around the Drummond Hill Cemetery and Church grounds. In addition to some of the oldest gravestones in the area, the cemetery also houses a War of 1812 battlefield monument and a monument to Laura Secord.

The ghosts of five soldiers dressed in the Royal Scots uniform have been seen limping across the cemetery and disappearing in the distance. An apparition of three battle-weary British soldiers have also been seen moving up Drummond Hill towards the old Lundy House which was used as rest stop and hospital during the war.