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Niagara Falls Public Library

Culture Box Collection

A new resource for your classroom!

The Niagara Falls Anti-Racism Committee, in partnership with the Niagara Falls Public Library, have selected titles for each grade level that feature representations of racial, cultural, religious, ability, sexual and gender diversity.

We know that stories have the power to shape how we see and make sense of the world, but, growing up, many members of the Anti-Racism Committee did not see themselves represented in the books they read. The Culture Box hopes to change that.

The collection features nine boxes full of books for classes from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Interested teachers can go to the Library’s catalogue here. The Culture Box they place on hold will be available for pick up at the Library’s Victoria Avenue location and can be borrowed for a period of six weeks.

Each Culture Box includes over 25 books to be shared in the classroom. View a printable list of all Culture Box titles. If teachers would like to invite a member of the Niagara Falls Anti-Racism Committee into their classroom to present a story time to their students, they can email culturebox@nflibrary.ca.

Here is a Welcome Video from some of the Niagara Falls Anti-Racism Committee.

Additional videos of members reading some of the stories within the collection and additional resources will be added here soon.