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Niagara Falls Public Library

Need Help?

The Niagara Falls Public Library is here to connect you with information and community resources. Please have a look at some of our most frequently asked questions below to find the best way to get help. Otherwise, you can speak with a staff member during open hours either in person or at 905-356-8080, or send us an email at askus@nflibrary.ca.

Please be aware that we cannot help you with online shopping, signing up for a credit card, handling sensitive personal information such as your Social Insurance Number or banking information, creating a Canada Revenue Agency or My Service Canada Account, Nexus Applications, or performing repairs, upgrades or routine maintenance on your computer or personal device.

Help Topics

Signing up for a library card.

Visit your nearest library branch during open hours. Please bring with you the required documents listed here.

OR fill out this form and receive your card number and PIN by email. You can bring the listed documents to your nearest library after you have received your card information.

Navigating the library’s website or accessing and using digital resources the library offers.

The library offers a number of digital content resources. Visit our Digital Resources page to access these as well as video tutorials on how to use them.

You can Book a Tech Help Appointment for additional assistance.

Learning how to use a computer and how to sign up for and use an email account.
Using my phone, tablet or laptop.
Accessing local history material or doing local history research.
Digitizing my VHS videotapes, 8mm slides and vinyl records or using the audio recording workstation at the Victoria Avenue Library’s Creator Space.

Book a Creator Space Appointment.

Learn more about the Creator Space here.

With 3D Printing.

Brock University Makerspace offers 3D printing services to the public.

St. Catharines Public Library offers 3D printing services to the public.

With a general question.

Call 905-356-8080 during open hours.

Email askus@nflibrary.ca.

Finding an apartment.

Start Me Up Niagara offers housing support drop-in at 5925 Summer St. (the old Coronation Centre building) which is open Monday to Saturday, 12pm - 5pm.

Project Share offers a Homelessness Prevention program and maintains a weekly-updated list of rental opportunities in Niagara.

Writing a resume, finding a job or connecting with career-oriented education and training.
Online shopping and making online purchases.

The library can show you how to research products online but cannot handle credit card or other financial information or provide hands-on help for your online purchasing.

Designing a website.

LinkedIn Learning offers a number of in-depth video courses on basic website design. Use your library card to sign in for free then visit the video links below.

Have a look at this list of easy web design books available at the Niagara Falls Public Library.

Understanding and filling out legal documents.

Niagara Community Legal Clinic provides legal services at no cost to residents of the Niagara Region who qualify financially.

Understanding and filling out immigration documents.
Recovering my lost email address or password.

If you know your email address and have set a recovery method for your password, we can help you recover your password with a Tech Help appointment. If you do not know your email address or did not set a recovery method for your password, we wouldn’t have the information we’d need to help you with this.

Creating or accessing a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) account.

Call the CRA help line at 1-800-959-8281.

See the CRA FAQ and Help page.

Signing up for a credit card.

The library cannot help with this, but most banks or credit unions can.