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Niagara Falls Public Library

Joining and Using the Library

Library Card Registration

One piece of official Ontario Government Photo ID showing correct name and address


Two items from the list below (one needs to show current Niagara Falls address in order to receive a free library card):

  • Utility Bills (with the exception of cell phone bill) (issued within past 60 days)
  • Tax notice from the City of Niagara Falls
  • Pay cheque or government-issued cheque (issued within past 60 days)
  • Statement of Direct Deposit for government benefits (issued within past 60 days)
  • Photo ID issued by the Canadian Government
  • Current auto or property insurance document
  • Personal cheques with printed name and address information
  • Birth certificate or marriage certificate
  • Passport
  • Employee or union card (with photo)
  • Student ID card (with photo)
  • Official school document
  • Ontario Health Card (Staff must not ask for it, but it will be accepted if presented.)

More Information

Membership Information

Get Your Library Card

Library cards are free for residents and taxpayers of the City of Niagara Falls. Non-residents who own property or a business in Niagara Falls are also eligible for a free card with a tax or water bill from the city.

Non-Resident students attending a school in the city of Niagara Falls are eligible for a free library card with identification and documentation of school registration.

All other non-residents can register for a library card with a $25 annual fee and proof of identification and address.

Registering for your card is easy! Just stop by any of the four Library locations with acceptable proof of address and identification.

Library cards expire annually. At the time of expiration, your name and contact information are verified. Any outstanding charges owing to the Library must be paid in full before the card can be renewed.

Contact Information Update

If you move, change your telephone number, or your email address, please notify us so that we can keep your customer record current.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Your library card and items borrowed on it are your responsibility. For your protection, contact the library immediately to report a lost or stolen card so we can prevent others from using it. The cost to replace a card is $2.00.


The Library adheres to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. All borrower information is confidential and may not be released to anyone if the borrower is 16 years or older, including a parent or guardian. This includes any customer information, and materials on loan, on hold, or overdue. If the borrower is under 16 years, the parent or guardian may be given the borrowing information of his or her child.

Types of Library Cards

There are three main types of Library cards offered at the Niagara Falls Public Library.

Adult (Ages 18 and older)

Full borrowing privileges apply.

Teen (Ages 14-17)

Acceptable forms of identification for a Teen card include a birth certificate, student card or official school document.

Certain restrictions on borrowing apply.

Child (Ages 13 and under)

Parent or guardian must sign the child’s card and takes responsibility for the choice, use, condition and return of all items borrowed and for any charges related to the child’s library card.

Certain restrictions on borrowing apply.


Residents of Niagara Falls living in transitional accommodations, such as a motel, can receive a temporary library card. Residents of shelter housing in Niagara Falls can also receive a temporary card, with documentation of residency from the shelter’s administration. Temporary cards are valid for three months. There is a 5 item borrowing limit, along with free access to the Library’s public computers for Internet and word processing use, as well as access to our digital resources, including downloadable books, audiobooks and magazines, and research databases.