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Niagara Falls Public Library

Musical Instrument Accessories

Check out a capo, slide or amplifier accessory to enhance your musical playing experience and take your sound to the next level.

Available Accessories

Browse our catalogue to find the musical accessories you need and reserve one today!


  • Bass Amp 25 watt (large) or Amplifier 20 watt (small) 
  • What’s Included: Fender amp, 1 patch cable, 1 power cord

Cable - 10’ Patch Cable

  • A single instrument 10’ patch cable is available for checkout.


  • A capo is used to help raise the pitch of a guitar so you can play in a different key without re-tuning or changing fingering. It is a relatively small device and is designed to clamp down on all strings across the guitar fretboard.

Music Stand

  • The Yorkville telescoping folding music stand securely holds sheet music and instructional books, making it easy to read while playing a musical instrument.

Tuner & Metronome Combo

  • This accessory offers two functions. The tuner function has a wide tuner detection range, C1-C8, and supports a broad range of instruments. The metronome function boasts 15 rhythm variations and 3 types of tempo settings.  The tuner and metronome functions can be used simultaneously. 


  • A slide is a common accessory used by guitarists to glide from one pitch to another creating a “sliding” sound effect. The device can be used on acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars and banjos.

Borrowing Information

  • Limit of 3 accessories per adult library card

  • Loan period is 3 weeks

  • 2 renewals are possible if there are no holds on an item

  • All instruments and accessories must be picked up and checked out at our Victoria Avenue location

  • Customers will be asked to sign a lending agreement waiver

How to Return

  • Instrument Accessories cannot be returned through our drop boxes — they must be returned to our Victoria Avenue location at a service desk during opening hours.