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Djembe Drum

You’ll love playing the Djembe drum! It originates from West Africa and can produce three unique and beautiful sounds: the bass, tone, and slap.

How to play

  • The bass sound (low-pitched) is achieved by striking the drum in the middle of the skin with a heavy hand. 
  • The tone (medium-pitched) is played with the hand on the edge of the skin, using the wrist as well as the arm to propel the hand toward the drum. 
  • The slap (high-pitched) is technically the hardest stroke to achieve. There are many types of slaps, all of which are played near the edge.

For more instruction on how to play the djembe drum view these YouTube videos

What’s Included

  • Djembe drum

  • 1 carrying bag

Transportation & Storage Instructions

To prevent the djembe from getting scuffed, chipped, and bumped around, always transport the instrument in its carrying case. 

Do not store the instrument in cold or hot environments such as hot vehicles in the summer. Avoid placing the instrument: in direct sunlight, near heaters, radiators or A/C units, or placing the case on wet ground. This kind of treatment could damage the sound of a djembe and warp the wooden components.

Care Instructions

To wipe down the djembe, use a soft, dry, microfibre, lint-free cloth. Do not use any of the following household or personal cleaning products on the instrument:

  • soap

  • hand sanitizer

  • liquid disinfectant

  • disinfecting wipes

  • multi-purpose cleaners

  • rubbing alcohol


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