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Assessment Rolls

What is an Assessment Roll?

The information on assessment rolls was collected for the purposes of municipal taxation and therefore does not offer much in the way of genealogical details. Information such as person’s name, designation as owner or tenant; lot and concession (street address for urban areas), number of acres, value of property, and the amount of tax assessed. Occupations and ages are often also given. For women, marital status is often recorded.

Current assessment rolls for all of Ontario can be found at the Ontario Property Assessment Corporation website.

Niagara Falls Public Library owns only two assessment rolls.

  • Stamford Township, 1822 located at: LHC 929.37133 Ont
  • Crowland Township, 1862 located at: LHC 929.371338 Cro

The Niagara Falls History Museum has numerous assessment rolls, and collector's rolls:

Assessment Rolls

  • Town of Clifton 1859-1880
  • City of Niagara Falls 1904-1959
  • Town of Niagara Falls 1881-1903
  • Village of Niagara Falls 1893-1903

Collector's Rolls

  • City of Niagara Falls 1905-1927
  • Village of Niagara Falls 1891-1901

For more information please contact the Niagara Falls History Museum at: 5810 Ferry St., Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2G 1S9 905-358-5082