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Military Records

The following resources contain military listings from the Revolutionary War through to World War 1. Military records, especially military pension records, can be an excellent place to find genealogical information. Through them, you can often find information such as birthplace, age at enlistment, occupation, and names of immediate family members.

LHC 971.034 C212R
Canada (Province of Canada). Provincial Secretary. Return to an Address. (War losses 1814)

LHC 971.034 C212
Canadian Military Institute. Officers of the British Forces in Canada During the War of 1812-1815

LHC 971.034 Can
Canadian Veterans of the War of 1812

LHC 971.339 N577
Creed, Catherine. Whose Debtors We Are. (WWI Casualties). Niagara Historical Society No. 34

LHC 971.034 C955
Cruikshank, Ernest A. The Documentary History of the Campaign upon the Niagara Frontier 1812-1814, 1896-1910, Volumes 1-9

LHC 929.3713 Men
Elliott, Bruce S., Dan Walker, Fawne Stratford Devai, editors. Men of Upper Canada Militia Nominal Rolls, 1828-1829. 1995

LHC 016.971034 Fre
Fredriksen, John C. Resource Guide for the War of 1812

LHC 971.301 Fry
Fryer, Mary Beacock. King's Men : the soldier founders of Ontario

LHC 971.301 Fry
Fryer, Mary Beacock. Rolls of the Provincial (Loyalist) Corps, Canadian Command, American Revolutionary Period

LHC 331.25291355 Ind
Index to War of 1812 Pension Files. 3 Volumes

LHC 971.339 N577
List of Persons in Custody at Niagara, June 19-21, 1813.
Niagara Historical Society No. 28, p. 4

LHC 971.339 N577
List of the Officers of the Corps of Rangers Commanded by Lt. Col. John Butler (1780-1790).
Niagara Historical Society No. 17, p. 48

LHC Periodical
Military Pensions War of 1812.
Notes from Niagara, Vol. 12, #2, May 1992, p. 19

LHC 971.352 W479
Militia Rolls of 1866.
Wentworth Historical Society Journal and Transactions
Vol. 3, pp. 83-87

LHC 971.339 N577
Muster Rolls of Butler's Rangers.
Niagara Historical Society No.27, pp. 2-4

LHC 971.338 W447
Names on a Memorial Tablet in Memorial Methodist Church (1866). Welland County Historical Society Papers and Records,
Vol. 2, (1926), p. 56.

LHC Periodical
New Roster of Lt. Col. John Butler's Corps of Rangers.
Families, Vol. 20, #1, (1981)

LHC 971.024 U579C
Niagara Light Dragoons 1812.
United Empire Loyalists' Association Annual Transactions, Vol. 6, (1904-1913), pp. 104-108

LHC 971.339 N577
No. 1 Company, 1865.
Niagara Historical Society No. 27, p. 59

LHC 971.339 N577
Pay Due the 1st Lincoln Regiment, 1837.
Niagara Historical Society No. 27, pp. 44-46

LHC 971.339 N577
Pensioners for War Losses, May 1817.
Niagara Historical Society No. 27, pp. 25-26

LHC 971.339 N577
Prisoners in Niagara Gaol, July 1838.
Niagara Historical Society No. 27. pp. 40-42

LHC 971.339 N577
Prisoners, 19 June, 1813.
Niagara Historical Society No. 27, p. 24

LHC 355 L814
The Queen's Rangers, (1776-1783)

LHC 971.024 U579
Queen's Rangers, First American Regiment, Nominal Role of Officers, 1776-1783.
United Empire Loyalists' Association Transactions, (1935), pp. 104-109

LHC 355 R278
Rogers, R.L. History of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment.

LHC Periodical
Stray, Albert. Canadian Volunteers Burn Old Niagara (1812).
Canadian Genealogist, Vol. 6, #4, (1984), pp. 220-242

LHC Periodcial
3rd Regiment Lincoln Militia in Account with Samuel Street 1839. Notes from Niagara, Vol. 5, #3, (1985)

LHC 973.52 W253
War of 1812 Veteran List, for Conscription Use.