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Niagara Falls Public Library

Like probate records, church records often provide some of the earliest genealogical information available through baptismal records, marriage records, church membership information, and death records. The Niagara Falls Public Library has a number of materials which will help you in your search.

LHC 971.3 Ont

Carnochan, Janet.

Early Churches in the Niagara Peninsula, Stamford and Chippawa, with Marriage Records of Thomas Cummings and Extracts from the Cummings Papers, (1820-1837).

Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records, Vol 8, (1907).

p. 149-225.

reprinted LHC 929.37133 CarE, with Index

LHC 929.37133 Car

Carnochan, Janet.

Index to Early Records of Churches in the Niagara Car Peninsula, 1901-1907.

Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records. Vol. 3, (1901), and

Vol 8, (1907)

LHC 929.371339 Chi Microfilm

Chippawa Presbyterian Church.

Welland County Presbyterian Church of Chippawa 1842-1923.

LHC 929.3 Chu Microfiche

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Parish and Vital Records List. 1988.

LHC971.3 Ont

Cruikshank, Ernest Alexander.

The Register of Saint Paul's Church at Fort Erie, 1836-1844.

Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records, Vol. 27, 1931,

p. 77-192D

LHC 285.271339 Dru Microfilm

Drummondville Presbyterian Church (Niagara Falls) Church Records, 1843-1901.

LHC 971.339 N577

Enumerator's Roll, St. Mark's Church (1848).

Niagara Historical Society No. 27, p. 51-54

LHC 929.3713 Hol

Holy Trinity Church, Chippawa, Ontario, Parish Registers, (incomplete) 1840-1920.

LHC929.37133 HolB

Holy Trinity Church Baptisms, Marriages, Burials 1828-1927. 1992

LHC 929.371351 Imm

Immaculeé Conception (St. Catharines). Baptêmes, Mariages et Sépultures, 1924-1985.

LHC 971.339 N577

List of Mennonites, Quakers or Junkers in 2nd Riding, District of Niagara 1838.

Niagara Historical Society No. 27, p. 46

LHC 929.371016 Lis

List of Parish Registers held at the Public Archives of Canada. 1985.

LHC 929.371339 Mil

Miller, F.W. Registers of St. George's Church (Drummondville).l Baptisms: 1836-1844


LHC 929.371339 Ont

Ontario Genealogical Society. Niagara Peninsula Branch.

Anglican Church Records Niagara Falls, Coloured Extractions. 1993.

LHC 929.3 Pub

Public Archives of Canada. Checklist of Parish Registers, 1981.

LHC Periodical

Records of the Presbyterian Church, Clinton and Grimsby, 1819-1870. Families, vol. 26, #1, Feb. 1981, p. 26-32

LHC 929.371338 Sac

Sacré-Coeur (Welland). Baptêmes, Mariages et Sepultures, 1919-1984.

LHC 971.339 N577

St. Andrew's Church Subscribers, 1794-1829.

Niagara Historical Society No. 27.

1794: p. 8-9

1796: p. 10

1802: p. 10-11

1803: p. 21-24

1826: p. 29-31

1829: p. 34-36

LHC 929.371339 Sta

St. Antoine de Padou (Niagara Falls).

Baptêmes, Mariages et Sépultures, 1955-1985

LHC 929.371338 Sai

Saint Jean-de-Brébeuf (Port Colborne).

Baptêmes, Mariages et Sai Sépultures, 1951-1983

LHC 929.371338 For

St. Paul's Anglican Church (Fort Erie).

The Register....1836-1844.

LHC 971.339 N577

St. Vincent de Paul's Church Subscribers 1839-1841.

Niagara Historical Society No. 27, p. 38-39