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Niagara Falls Public Library

Casino Niagara Cares Heritage Collection

A unique collection honouring Niagara's past is now part of the Niagara Falls Public Library thanks to the Casino Niagara Cares foundation. The casino donated $50,000 for the formation of the Casino Niagara Cares Regional Heritage Collection.

The collection at the Niagara Falls Public Library is comprised of literature and art and other resource materials concerned with the history of the Niagara region and is available to the public for research. "This will undoubtedly be a valuable collection, a major heritage asset for the entire region," said former Chief Librarian Joe Longo.

Only resource materials that were not already in regional public libraries were purchased for the Casino Niagara Cares Regional Heritage Collection.

"It is extremely important to have heritage materials that bring us closer to our past. Casino Niagara Cares has once again made good on a promise of partnering with the community to make Niagara better in every regard," said Mr Longo. Mr Meilstrup Casino Niagara General Manager said the the Casino has launched the Casino Niagara Cares program with the fundamental understanding it would support projects that bettered quality of life for residents of the Niagara region. Among health care, the environment and arts and culture, heritage preservation was one of the key areas identified by the Cares foundation as important to support.