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Death Notices and Wills

Death notices and wills can be an unexpected source of information for genealogists. Some early ones have been published in print or microform.

The Archives of Ontario has published Court Records : Wills and estate files - a pathfinder. This pathfinder explains how to find wills (usually within estate files) that were filed with the Court of Probate and Surrogate Courts between the years 1793 and 1963.

LHC Microfilm
Archives of Ontario.
Index Books Death and Delayed Registration1865-1924. 1996
12 Microfilm reels

LHC Microfilm
Archives of Ontario.
Death Indexes 1869-1924
12 Microfilm reels

LHC 929.371339 All
All Saints Church (Niagara Falls, Ont.)
Burial Register: Extractions from the Registers 1848-1902

LHC 971.3 Ont
Burials, Niagara 1792-1829.
Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records, Vol. 3, (1901),p 66-73
For index see: Church Records: LHC 929.37133 Car

LHC 929.371339 Dal
Dalton, William. Burial Records and Notations of William Dalton, 1845-1916.

LHC Periodical
Death Notices from the Niagara Mail, Jan. 1847 - July 1851.
Ontario Register, Vol. 8, 1990, p 21-26

LHC Periodical
Death Notices from Welland Newspapers 1871-1875.
Ontario Register, Vol. 3, #3, 1970, p 149-171

LHC Periodical
The Diaries of Melvin Misener : deaths and funerals, Part I (Crowland,Thorold, Port Robinson, 1869-1875).
Notes from Niagara, Vol. 12, #2, May 1992, p 15-16

LHC Periodical
Funeral Cards - Pelham Historical Society (1876-1938).
Notes from Niagara, Vol. 1, #3, 1981.

LHC 929.3713 Gib
Gibson, June. Surrogate Court Index [Wills] of Ontario, Canada, 1859-1900. Vol. 5, Lincoln and Welland Counties.

LHC 920.071338 HutL
Hutchinson, Paul. Late and Lamented St. Catharines Obituaries 1835-1918. 1996.

LHC 920.071338 Hut
Hutchinson, Paul. Sincerely Lamented St. Catharines Obituaries 1817-1918. 1995.

Law, John A. Journals of John A. Law, (Extractions, mainly funerals of Stamford Township 1869-1907.

LHC 929.371351 Lin
Lincoln County: Wills, 1794-1813.
For index see : LHC 929.371351 Tra Trace, Mary Names in Lincoln County probates 1794-1813

LHC 929.3 McKD 1858-1872
McKenzie, Donald H. Death Notices from the Canada Christian Advocate 1858-1872. 1992

LHC 929.3 McK
McKenzie, Donald. Death Notices from the Christian Guardian.
Vol. 1 1836-1850
Vol. 2 1851-1860
Vol. 3 1861-1870

LHC Microfilm
Ontario. Archives of Ontario.
Index Books: Deaths and Delayed Registrations, 1869-1924.
12 microfilm reels

LHC 971.3 Ont
Register of Burials in the Township of Grimsby 1817-1822.
Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records, Vol. 3, 1901, p. 80
For index see: Church Records: LHC 929.37133 Car

LHC 929.3713 Rei
Reid, William. Death Notices of Ontario. 1810-1849.
Circulating copy also available

LHC 929.37133 Rob
Robbins, Douglas. Death and Burial Records for Early Niagara.

LHC 929.371351 Rob
Robbins, Douglas. Wills Registered in Lincoln County 1801-1920.

LHC 929.371339 Sai
St. John the Evangelist (Stamford). Burial Records 1849-1931.

LHC Periodical
St. Paul's, Fort Erie: Burials 1844-1850.
Ontario , Register, Vol. 2, #3 1969, p 158-162

LHC 929.371351 Tra
Trace, Mary. Names in Lincoln County Probates 1784-1813. (includes Welland County).

LHC 929.3 McKm
McKenzie, Donald A. More Notices from Methodist Papers 1830-1857.