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Cemeteries of Niagara

Many Niagara area cemeteries have been transcribed and published. In this section we have noted exceptional or hard-to-find listings, then added the list of published cemeteries in our collection. Most cemetery records have been indexed into our local history files.

City of Niagara Falls Cemetery Search

LHC Periodical

Bertie Township Cemetery Inscriptions

Ontario Register, Vol. 4, #3, 1971, p. 148-150.

LHC 971.339 N577

Carnochan, Janet

Inscriptions and Graves in the Niagara Peninsula

Niagara Historical Society No. 22.

LHC Microfilm

Drummond Hill Cemetery Records 1845-1940

LHC 929.5 Hab

Habermehl, Fred and Donald L. Combe.

Stones, Saints and Sinners. 1995.

LHC 929.37133 HoloO

Holy Trinity Church Cemetery 1992

LHC 929.37133 Ind

Index of Plot Holders at Drummond Hill Cemetery, Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls

LHC 929.37133 FaiK

Kamfoly-St. Angelo, Mabel

Fairview Cemetery, Niagara Falls, Ontario, 4 volumes. Indexed.

LHC 929.37133 DruK

Kamfoly-St. Angelo, Mabel. Historic Drummond Hill Cemetery Transcriptions.

LHC 929.37133 Sai

Kamfoly-St. Angelo, Mabel

Index for Drummondville Burial Records, 1845-1889.

LHC 929.371338 Wil

Ontario Genealogical Society. Niagara Peninsula Branch.

Wills and Probate from the Land Registry Copy Books, Welland County, 1793-1875

LHC 929.371339 Ont

Ontario Genealogical Society. Niagara Peninsula Branch.

Burial Permits,1897-1900. Fairview Cemetery, Niagara Falls, Welland County.

LHC 929.37133 Rei

Reive, W.G.

Cemetery Records and Genealogical Notes on Niagara Area.

LHC 720.971339 Sta

Stamford Presbyterian Church (Niagara Falls).

Stamford Historical House Tour, Saturday June 30, 1984. (Lists Stamford Presbyterian Cemetery).

LHC Periodical

Zion Cemetery, Bertie

Ontario Register, Vol. 6, #3, (1982), p. 151.