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School records can be difficult to track down. Many are retained with the original school board. Records for schools administered by churches may be in the archives of their respective denominations. Some school records have been deposited with local archives or museums.

Do not forget about the "School Yearbook". They have been produced by schools and colleges for many decades and can offer a fascinating glimpse into the life of your ancestors.

LHC Periodical
Alphabetized Transcription of the Register of School Section No.7 in Stamford, known as Drummondville School, 1852-1853. Notes from Niagara, Vol.6, #4, 1986.

LHC 372.971339 Ont
Ontario Genealogical Society. Niagara Peninsula Branch. S.S.#6, 1874 Drummondville School.

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Rye School, 1891- (name & age). Notes from Niagara, Vol. 8, #2,
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Tait, George. Report of an Old Fort Erie School (1844). Welland County Historical Society Papers and Records, Vol. 3, 1927,
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