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What’s included:

  • Granite Percussion Cajon
  • Black fabric carrying case

How to play

It’s easy to start playing the cajon! To begin, make sure the black fabric square is facing upwards. Then, once you have the cajon correctly situated, you can sit on it with the instrument between your legs. You should face the same direction as the front of the cajon.

Here are two helpful YouTube videos to get you started:

Transportation and storage instructions

To prevent the cajon from getting scuffed, chipped, and bumped around, always transport the instrument in its carrying case.

Do not store the instrument in very cold or very hot environments. You must also keep it away from the following: direct sunlight, heaters or radiators and A/C units.

Do not leave the cajon in a hot, humid car or outside on a snowy or wet ground. This kind of treatment could damage the sound of a cajon and warp the wooden components.

If bringing the cajon inside from the cold, let it warm up to inside room temperature before playing. This will help ensure the best possible sound.

Care instructions

To wipe down the cajon, ensure that you use a soft, dry, microfibre, lint-free cloth. Other than that, no cleaning is necessary for the instrument.

Do not use sticks or hard objects to play the cajon. These things can dent, scratch, and just generally damage the wood. Only use your hands or brush sticks, if you have them, to play the cajon.


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