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Niagara Falls Public Library

What’s included

  • Steel Tongue Drum 12”
  • 2 drum mallets (stand included)
  • 4 finger picks
  • Cloth
  • Music Book
  • Black carrying case

How to play

The steel tongue drum is pre-tuned and ready to play soothing sounds and tranquil tones similar to a soft pan drum. Most people will choose to sit in a comfortable chair with the drum in their lap but you can also place it on a table, stool or even sit cross legged on the floor, whatever makes you comfortable. A helpful tip, avoid wearing rings or bracelets while playing the steel tongue drum.

Here are a few videos to show you techniques and explain how to play the tongue drum:

Transportation and storage instructions

Always transport the tongue drum in its carrying case. This will help prevent the instrument from getting scuffed, chipped, and bumped around. Rough treatment of the drum or playing it too hard can dent the instrument which causes the drum to go out of tune and could warp the tongues. When you’re not playing the drum, it’s better to keep it in the case just to be safe!

Do not store the instrument in very cold or very hot environments. You must also keep it away from the following: direct sunlight, heaters or radiators, A/C units.

Tongue drums should not be left outside or exposed to the elements.

Care instructions

Simply wipe down the drum using a soft, dry, microfibre, lint-free cloth.

Do not use any household or personal cleaning products on the drum, including but not limited to:

  • soap
  • hand sanitizer
  • liquid disinfectant
  • disinfecting wipes
  • multi-purpose cleaners
  • alcohol


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