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How to play

The portable keyboard is easy and fun to play. It has intuitive controls like the My Setup button, which quickly recalls your favourite sounds and settings. It has a Dance Music Mode which lets you easily create and remix electronic dance music. Select a style, and use the keys to trigger drum loops, basslines, fun sound effects, and more.

Listed below are a few resources to help you get started on how to play the portable keyboard:

What’s included

  • Keyboard
  • Keyboard stand
  • Bench
  • Power cable
  • Carrying bag

Transportation and storage instructions

To prevent the keyboard from getting scuffed, chipped, and bumped around, always transport the instrument in its carrying case.

Do not store the keyboard in very cold or hot environments. Keep the instrument away from direct sunlight, heaters, radiators and A/C units.

Do not leave the keyboard in a hot, humid car or outside on snowy or wet ground. This kind of treatment will damage the instrument.

Care instructions

To wipe down the keyboard, ensure that you use a soft, dry, microfibre, lint-free cloth.

Do not use any household or personal cleaning products on the keyboard, including but not limited to

  • soap
  • hand sanitizer
  • liquid disinfectant
  • disinfecting wipes
  • multi-purpose cleaners
  • alcohol


Enjoy our growing collection of Musical Scores.