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Niagara Falls Public Library

What’s included

One of the following

  • Soprano Ukulele - a smaller ukulele with a resonating surface resulting in a higher pitch or plinky sound. It sounds best when strumming chords and it’s great for kids!
  • Concert Ukulele - a larger ukulele with a longer neck and more space between the frets. It has a warm, bassier sound and it’s great for playing chords and single notes.


  • Auto tuner
  • 1 Pick
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Strap
  • Carrying bag

How to play

Playing the ukulele is super fun! Before you start, you’ll need to tune the ukulele. Listed below are a few examples:

Transportation and storage instructions

To prevent the ukulele from getting scuffed, chipped, and bumped around, always transport the instrument in its carrying case. In fact, when you’re not playing the ukulele, it’s better to keep it in the case just to be safe!

Do not store a ukulele in very cold or hot environments. Keep the instrument away from direct sunlight, heaters, radiators and A/C units.

Do not leave the ukulele in a hot, humid car or outside on snowy or wet ground. This kind of treatment could damage the sound of a ukulele and warp the wooden components.

Care instructions

To wipe down the ukulele, use a soft, dry, microfibre, lint-free cloth. This will help pick up any dust and/or oils that may have accumulated on the body, fingerboard, and strings.

Do not polish the body or oil the fingerboard - staff at the library will take care of those tasks!

Do not use any of the following household or personal cleaning products on the ukulele:

  • soap

  • hand sanitizer

  • liquid disinfectant

  • disinfecting wipes

  • multi-purpose cleaners

  • alcohol


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